The Virtual Coaching Library offers providers support with operationalizing the Athlos Movement & Character Program.
The videos on this page provide guidance on “how to” implement meaningful movement on a daily basis for for each athlete in our program. The videos in the Movement Methodology and Resistance training sections are complete with progressions, accommodations, and coaching cues to meet each athlete where they are.

Virtual Coaching Library

These 3-5 minutes of the movement prep is to have students performing the continuous or near-continuous movement to elevate heart rate and core body temperature. The goal is for most students to begin perspiring during this portion of the movement prep. This may be performed in place or transit.

This section uses skills over a prescribed distance. Usually, these skills are skipping, shuffling, or bounding in nature but can include a variety of movements that would also be considered dynamic mobility. Often times, these skills are an introduction or a rehearsal of skills worked on in the lesson or previous lessons. Skill acquisition and rehearsal is a commonly missed component of the movement prep. If used strategically, this can be of huge benefit to students.

During this section, students move joints through a variety of ranges of motion with the goal being to prepare muscles for the movement associated with the lesson.

This category is explosive in nature building up to a maximal effort, often a sprinting variation. Once this portion of movement prep is reached, students should be prepared to transition into this maximal to sprint.